Discovery Quiz

Test Your Knowledge With Our Discovery Quiz!

Sometimes we learn better by making mistakes. Take the following quiz and see if you have more learning about the lessons in the Book of New Beginnings. Your membership at NBLC does not depend on getting all the right answers. This is meant to be fun!

Faith is better when lived alone.

The key to understanding the Bible is Jesus.

We will always have some unanswered questions this side of heaven.

Faith means the absence of doubt.

The Bible has two basic teachings: Law & Gospel.

The Law and the Gospel have the same goal.

The Law shows us our sins.

The Gospel shows us our Savior.

The Bible is our only sure source for knowing God.

Christ followers are both saints and sinners at the same time.

We should not apply Gospel to secure sinners.

We need to be reminded of what we already know often.

We are all tempted to worship false gods at times.

All people are born sinners.

If we try hard enough, we can do everything God commands.

The Gospel makes it ok for us to keep on sinning.

The reason all humanity faces death is caused by sin.

God freely gives us eternal life to all who trust Jesus.

If anyone is saved, it is only through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Other religions are valid ways to be saved.

Trusting Jesus means we want what God wants.

Those who do not trust Jesus do not go to heaven when they die.

We don’t say who goes to heaven or hell, but we share the Gospel.

No one can believe for you, but you cannot believe alone.

The primary reason God leaves us in this world is to share Jesus.

We play a major role in our family and friends becoming Christians.

We cannot make other people believe by what we say or do.

We are to trust God’s Word more than our own reason.

God’s Word gives us faith and actual forgiveness.

Baptism is a symbol of our death and resurrection.

God gave us baptism as an objective assurance of forgiveness.

To be forgiven is to be seen by God as “just if I’d” never sinned.

When you are forgiven, you are saved and have God’s Holy Spirit.

Sanctification is a one-time event where God makes you holy.

We will spend our whole lives working out what God worked-in us.

We know who Christians are by the good lives they lead.

We only find assurance of salvation through the cross of Jesus.

Commitment to Christ results in a commitment to fellow Christians.

We will live with a constant good vs. bad battle until Jesus returns.

All of our sins begin by doing what seems right to us instead of God.

Trusting God’s Word is our best defense against sins.

We receive Christ’s body & blood with bread & wine in communion.

Jesus promises forgiveness of sins in baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Christians invite other Christians to confront them about their sins.

Without Christian accountability, we will succumb to sins more often.

Because we’re not God, we cannot forgive as freely as God does.

The Lord’s Supper connects us to Jesus and to fellow Christians.

Sharing Jesus does not require us to answer every question.

Love for others is the best motivation for sharing Jesus.

Faith is not a choice, but created in us when we hear God’s Word.

We all share Jesus differently, but we must all share the Word.

Prayer is to believing in Jesus as breathing is to being alive.

We are to learn what and how to pray best from reading Scripture.

Regular times in God’s Word is essential for Christian life.

Praying involves much more than asking God for things.

Church membership is not optional for Christ-followers.

God designed Christians to do life together complimentarily.

It doesn’t matter if we all believe the same, so long as we’re loving.

We strive for correct teaching and holy living equally.

God loves us just as we are, but doesn’t want us to stay that way.

We obey God so that He will love us, not because He loves us.

As people in process, God’s grace motivates our positive life changes.

How we treat others influences our relationship with Jesus.

We know God’s will for our lives primarily from His Word.

Christians are called to confess our sins to one another.

Faith is not the same as understanding.

God gives babies the same promises as adults in baptism.

Baptism is what God does for us, not what we do.

Baptism does not need to be done over—even if we backslide.

The Bible does not say how to baptize.

God’s Word is our assurance regarding baptism, not the method.

All Christians have a part to play in global, cross-cultural missions.

Christ-followers are called to be generous givers.

We are to give from our time, or talents, or treasure. One is enough.

Giving from our income is a Christian’s foremost financial priority.

We are not to give out of guilt or compulsion, but with joy.

God made us all differently to serve differently.

Some work is holier than other types of work.